Working on the Shop Wagon

It's been a cold week here in the Midwest! It's Stephanie here, wishing you a Happy 2010! We've got some "cool" icicles on our building, and here's some proof that the sun does shine once in a while in this winter wonderland.

Reggie has been getting our newest shop wagon, the '91 240SE, up to snuff. Here it is on the smaller lift:

This red machine called for a new set of plug wires...keep reading to see why!

The inside portion had come out! Not a good thing! Old plug wires...New plug wires, what a huge difference!

New brakes, rotors and pads were installed all around.

Good spark plugs are a definitely a necessity!

A clean air filter was installed too!

These studded tires are just begging for a good snow fall, so they can be *ahem* properly tested for performance and drive-ability. Ok, ok, so we did happen to find a snowy parking lot earlier this week on our way home from the shop, but further "testing" would be fun, I mean, useful.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Winter Clearance Sale on Saturday, January 30th! Get the details here! Have a great weekend!

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