Make Some Noise! And take a look at a sharp 325!

We made some noise, ok, a TON of noise, this week at the shop! Bruce, our fellow enthusiast who has been volunteering here at the shop, needed some sheet metal from this sterlingsilber-metallic 1990 325i automatic. It turns out that the sheet metal he needed was in a rather precarious place. Take a look:

Side view of the back end, looking into what was once the trunk:

Bruce brought in his plasma cutter. These were inspection holes to see the condition of the inner wheel well before the "big cuts" above.

A closer look inside...poor ol' interior!

And then just a few moments later...

Last year, Reggie fabricated the rolling cart, which, as you can see, comes in quite handy when moving a vehicle without wheels.

This is a good running (slightly smokey) engine out of the 1970 '02 - it's for sale! Any takers?

Reggie is currently working on a 1988 325 for a new e30 inductee...It's getting new Boge front struts and a new Eberspacher exhaust. Here's the view from underneath:

This is really a nice find for the new owner. After the struts and exhaust, the car will be another solid e30!

Stay tuned...we'll soon be featuring a 1987 325is for sale - one heck of a nice car!

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